Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring Fishing 2012!


  1. Fishing has been great so far this spring and so has the weather! Need some rain here in Chicagoland to fill up the rivers and ponds so the excellent fishing will continue well into the summer! Bring it baby!

  2. I'm glad you spent most of your time fishing, Kirk. For that reason, I assume, you're also a fishing enthusiast. Have you tried bringing along your family on a fishing trip? I suggest you do. It could be a great time for bonding. I bet the kids would love that also.

    1. I strongly agree with Melanie. Fishing with your family is a great time to bond with them. Teach your kids new skills that will last for a lifetime. It's good if you involve your kids with fishing from the very beginning, I’m sure they’ll learn to like it too. We never know, they might even pass it on to your grandchildren. :)


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