Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Where Is Cappy?

Most of you have probably been wondering where the hell I ran off to, since you haven't seen any new posts from the pond. Well to tell you the truth I've been working! I know it is hard to believe that someone who enjoys fishing as much as I do would actually have a job, but I've got to pay the bills just like everyone else. The early mornings during the week are spent reading e-mails, checking on work related technical information and preparing my car for the long day in it. My position at Toshiba is going quite well but the days are long enough that I don't have much energy left during the evening hours. I'm lucky if I can stay awake past 9:00pm and I try to spend as much of it with Shirley and Bryan as is possible.

For the moment the blog at Cappy's Pond has taken a back seat on the weekends just so I can get out and fish a bit. The good news is that with each week I get a little more comfortable with the job and I'm sure that within a short time I'll be back strong with my writing. I really miss it, and I hope you do as well.

We did manage to get out this last weekend for a few hours at the pond and to my surprise I was able to wrangle up this catfish.

It was a collective effort. I reeled the fish in while using Bryan's rod and reel since he had to make his usual visit to the park. Tyler gave me a few catfish tips and pointers that I used to my advantage. His theory was that the catfish can smell the bait and will move into the general area but might not be able to find it. He suggested that I move it an inch or two to help trigger a strike from an interested onlooker. The boy was right! I moved the bait about an inch and it smacked it! My nephew and son are becoming quite the catfish kings. Sure was nice to feel a fish at the end of the line, even if I let the boys take all the credit with the pictures.

Well, it's off to bed for now, but I hope to be writing more posts soon. With the cold weather expected to hit later this week, ice fishing won't be far off. I'm looking forward to it!

Thanks again for visiting with us at The Fishing Headquarters & Cappy's Pond, and remember you can't catch any fish if your line isn't in the water.

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