Friday, January 28, 2011

Cappy's Pond Joins Fishing-Headquarters!

With the big weekend arriving today at the America's Outdoor Show, it seemed like a perfect time to let all of you know about an exciting new adventure here at Cappy's Pond. Beginning this weekend I have joined on with the Fishing-Headquarters, an outstanding website for multi-species angling.  As a writer and blogger for the FHQ, I will be able to introduce many new readers to Cappy's Pond, while utilizing the great talents of Andrew Ragas and Ragas Media. Cappy's Pond will be right along side, with some of the best fishing blogs on the Internet.  The new blog site can be followed at the Fishing-Headquarters. Here is the link to the new blog site at I will continue to post at both Cappy's Pond sites, but like me, you will find the new layout and design to be superior in comparison. I look forward to your comments on the new changes as you follow Cappy's Pond at the Fishing-Headquarters. Have a great weekend, and enjoy the show!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ice Fishing Fun 2010 - 2011...We're Just Getting Started!

Having a great time on the ice so far this year. Looking forward to more great action as we head into February...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday Thoughts...Updates And More

I haven't posted anything new since last Wednesday and I just wanted to keep you updated on the happenings at Cappy's Pond.

Although I managed to finally restore the house to it's pre-holiday glory, it was not without some stern looks and stares from across the dinner table. Most of you understand that it's just too difficult to use your time wisely, when you could be outside freezing over a ten inch hole waiting for a sign of life. I'm still in good graces though, since Scruffy hasn't had to give up part of the mud room, at least not yet.   

Today, there is some excitement in the air as Fishing Headquarters has released the second issue in its outstanding e-mag publication. I was invited to write an article for the magazine and will be a regular contributor going forward to issue # 3 and beyond. I ask you to take a few minutes today to look over the current issue, read a few of the articles and provide some feedback for the Fishing Headquarters. A link is listed below for issues # 1 & 2 Andrew Ragas and his group have some "reel" talent over there and I think you will be impressed with the content.

Blog changes are again in the works and I will soon be moving Cappy's Pond to be included along with the other outstanding blogs at Fishing Headquarters/Blogs. I am excited to be included along side these other great fishing blogs with their quality web design, awesome video productions and overall fishing knowledge.
If you could make sure that your blog rolls and links to Cappy's Pond are listed as you will automatically be rolled over to the new page when it is completed. If your link is still listed as please make the change now. Thanks!

Cold weather has hit Chicago with a blast today as we are expecting wind-chills to dip to -20 to -30 below this evening. I will spend a few days next to the fireplace and dream of the open water season, while re-organizing the ice fishing equipment for next weeks warmer weather. I included a few pictures of a good walleye caught last spring while wading the Fox River. It wont be long now.

One final thought...

I am sorry to inform my Green Bay Packer friends to the north that the Bears will be celebrating a victory on Sunday. Although I was as surprised by your teams improbable stretch run this year, almost as much as you were. The one thing all of us can agree on, is we are glad that we are not playing against the Vikings! At least our teams didn't collapse under pressure the way Minnesota's roof did! The great part about being a Bears fan is we have two other teams we can always laugh at. Enjoy the game, even though you will not like the outcome. Sorry Packer fans, this is our time to take the cheese! 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pelican Lake, Orr MN

Most of you who know me or follow my blog posts are aware of my close ties to Pelican Lake in Orr, MN.

This weeks photo prompt from the Outdoor Blogger Network asked it's bloggers to find a photo of their favorite destination.

Amongst the cold of winter it's nice to dream of a warm summers evening and the beautiful sunsets over northern Minnesota. Pelican Lake, time and time again has offered me the opportunity to marvel in God's creation. I couldn't begin to describe how many gorgeous sunsets I have viewed from a boat on Pelican Lake, but I can assure you that each one captures a moment where time stands still. It is those images like the ones shared below that make me long for each summer and the memories I have made there.
Here are a few of those images for you to enjoy!

Do they look familiar to you? They should. These images have been the header photos for Cappy's Pond since day one. I don't think any other lake will ever be worthy enough to even be considered. We are all entitled to our opinions...aren't we?

Thanks for viewing and following with us at Cappy's Pond.


Monday, January 10, 2011

Frabill Bro Series 28" Deadstick Ice Combo - Gear Review

When the Outdoor Blogger Network notified me that I was a winner for a new ice fishing rod & reel combo from Frabill, I almost started drilling holes right near my kitchen table. I have used other Frabill products that I have purchased in the past, and for the most part I have been very happy with them. My first thoughts were that this ice combo would be no different.

It arrived the day before Christmas Eve and I greeted Santa's helper and his big brown truck after hearing the box being placed at the front door. I opened it at once, and placed it on the island in the center of our kitchen for all to see.

I got out on the ice a few times over the next few weeks to give it a try and was quite impressed with the overall quality of the combo, although the fish were not as cooperative as we would have liked them to be. With a suggested retail listed at Frabill of $44.99 the Bro Series combo worked flawlessly even with temperatures dropping well into the teens. Sometimes I even sat  it directly on the ice and it didn't freeze up.
The special Sub-Zero lube that Frabill uses really works!

The handle on both the rod and the reel are large enough to be used with your gloves on, and at no time did I feel my fishing "feel" was being compromised by wearing the gloves. The sensitivity of the fluorescent orange tip of the pole was adequate for catching small panfish (and I mean small) even though I prefer one with greater sensitivity. If we had gotten on some bigger crappie and gills the backbone of this combo would have been able to handle the largest of panfish. The large guides allowed for easy line travel even with the lightest of line and jigs. My nephew Tyler got to use it one afternoon, out fished me (30 to 14) and seemed to like it better than his own combo.

Here is a video I took from inside our ice shelter while fishing on the ice.

Overall I (we) am very pleased with the Frabill Bro Series 28" Deadstick Ice Combo.

As soon as I get done posting this review I will be heading back out on the ice to attempt to catch a few big gills for dinner.

Disclaimer - Kirk B Cahill & Cappy's Pond have written and filmed an independent and honest review of this product for the Outdoor Blogger Network. The product was supplied free of charge by Frabill to Cappy's Pond through a contest on the OBN in return for a gear review. Kirk B Cahill & Cappy's Pond are not  associated with Frabill in any way and we did not receive any other compensation for this review.     

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What's In The Name? Just About Everything

Another outstanding writing prompt from the Outdoor Blogger Network has led me to give you a little insight on the origin of the name Cappy's Pond.

To start, we have to go back and ride along on the voyage of the Starship Enterprise. The captain of the ship in the famous Star Trek series was none other than James T. Kirk, played by William Shatner. My nicknames over the years have all sprung from the true original Captain Kirk. A short list would include; Cap, Cappy, Captain, Captron & Tron.

Tron, which eventually turned into Captron was derived directly from the movie Tron. A good friend of ours David Mayer also know as "The Maggot" thought that I looked like one of the characters in the original film. After a few Canadian fishing adventures the nickname became Captron and to this day my license plate is CPTRON 9. The 9 being the ninth day of the month for my birthday. Now you know who's truck & trailer has been parked at all those launch sites.

I love to wear fishing caps (baseball style) and I don't go out of the house very often without having one placed upon the top of my head. My brother Keith has called me Cap for years and when I started this blogging thing I thought Cappy would be a good name for the blog title, which became, Cappy's Blog.

Since the original blog name, I have tweaked it to Cappy's Pond. The Pond comes from my childhood and the hours that I spent at Windemere pond in South Barrington, IL. A private subdivision that we would sneak into so we could experience the quality bass fishing that was available there. The police officers knew me quite well but would leave me alone as long as the residents didn't call me in for trespassing. I learned to dress in dark green and brown to blend in to the surroundings, at least until I shouted "Yeah!" after catching a nice bass. A pond contains a collection of different creatures all living together. In essence this blog is also a collection of my fishing adventures. The "Pond" fits well on both accounts.

Well, now you know where the blog name came from, now if we only knew where the blog is headed. I don't want to let the minnow out of the bucket just yet...but if I were a betting man ( I LOVE TO PLAY THE HORSES ) I'd say it might end up along side some other great fishing blogs on one of my favorite sites... Fishing Headquarters. If you haven't been to this site you probably want to take a look around and enjoy one of the best fishing sites on the Internet. I think you will like it as much as I do, and then you'll know why Cappy's Pond might just end up at the FHQ. At least that's what a little fishy told me.       

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