Monday, June 14, 2010

Bass Tip # 1

I thought it was time for me to share with you a few things that I have learned over my 30 something years of chasing after Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass. All of us who have been fishing for Bass long enough, know that sometimes you look like a genius on the water and other days you couldn't catch a fish if you threw every lure in your tackle box. It can be quite frustrating at times and I've seen it played out time and time again. But over the years, the bad days have been less frequent than they used to be, and I think I've finally started to understand why this is.

To explain it to you, I have to go back to something I observed while watching my brother Keith fishing for Muskies. During our tournaments that we have fished in, Keith has consistently out fished me in his Muskie angling. I always thought he just had a lucky horseshoe up his (insert your own reference here) but have come to realize that there is a big difference in the way that he works his lures over a particular spot than I do. There have been times when we have worked the exact same lure over an area and I won't see a fish, but he will have all the action. It comes down to only one thing. He works the bait correctly to achieve it's maximum potential. He is in sync with his lure.

Now go back to Bass fishing where I have done the same thing to Keith on a number of occasions. We have fished the exact location with the same bait and I have out fished him more times than not. It relates directly to how I am working the bait over the specific structure or area. What I have surmised through watching all of this is that once you have determined where the location of the fish are, and the mood or strike zone of the fish, it comes down to knowing how to work the lure you are using.

We all have our "go to baits" when things get tough. It may be a spinner bait that can be worked over water fast to locate active fish, or it might be a plastic worm worked over the cover slowly to target inactive Bass. Whatever method you choose, it is the knowledge of how to work that individual bait, that will obtain the best results. That's why we consider that bait as our "go to bait". It is because we know how to work it. By using the lure correctly, and knowing what works, we develop confidence in that bait, and that is the key to consistent success.

When you are out on your favorite body of water, remember to try this tip. Stick to what you know when the bite is slow. This will give you the most confidence, and you will know that you are working the bait correctly. When the bite is on, switch to a lure that you are unfamiliar with and test it to see if you can learn how to correctly work that bait. This will help you to develop other methods and lures that you will build confidence in. The more "go to" baits that you have in your arsenal the better Bass fisherman you will become.

Grab your tackle box, head for your favorite fishing hole, and remember it's not always what lure you use, but how you use your lure. While you're out there, testing and learning about your unfamiliar baits, don't forget you can't catch any fish if your line isn't in the water.

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