Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Visit With An Old Friend...The Fishtrap

A few weekends ago, I spent a Saturday afternoon walking around America's Outdoor Show, looking at all the latest items for 2011 in fishing tackle and other outdoor gadgets. A number of items caught my eye and I stopped to investigate and chat with the exhibitors, listening to them pitch the reasons why I need that particular item. A brochure was often handed to me to read later, in the quiet of my home or office, where one can make a better informed but less compulsive decision. In most cases I would say thanks for your time and move on down the aisle to other booths or displays.

Late in that afternoon, when most of the crowd had headed home, I came across a booth that had some lures on display. The sign behind them read Weedless Bait Company and I almost walked right past it without even taking a second glance. Then I noticed the familiar looking yellow and red packaging with the word Fishtrap on them. I couldn't believe my eyes! I hadn't seen these lures in over 20 years and thought that they were out of production. A conversation was quickly started between myself and the current owners of the Weedless Bait Company about the many northern pike that we would catch while using these unique spoons.

I started to think about the many products that I had walked by, glanced over and viewed with skepticism throughout that afternoon. With all the different tackle that is available to us today it is difficult at times to know what works and what really doesn't. It often takes a good friend, known fishing celebrity or someone you trust to get you to try a new lure or product. I'm here today writing to you as a fellow blogger and outdoor friend to tell you that this is one of those lures that truly works!

The concept is quite simple when you think about it. Pike live on the edge or right in the weeds the majority of the time. Spoons have always been a great choice for pike fishing except the treble hooks tend to foul up in the weeds. Single hook weedless spoons will help get you through the weeds, but many fish can be missed by the single hook only presentation. The lures from the Weedless Bait Company will get you right in where the big predators await, and help keep you there, catching fish instead of pulling weeds.

Two of the hooks are positioned within the body of the spoon (as pictured above) while the third on the bottom is held secure by a retractable weed guard. When a fish strikes the spoon the hooks are disengaged, allowing a split second stationary pause of the treble hook while it is engulfed by the fish. How many times has a fish hit your bait from the side and missed the hooks completely? The amount of times that this will happen is significantly reduced by this spoon. If you are going to go pike fishing this year, you've got to take a few of these spoons along with you, give them a try and you'll see just exactly what I'm talking about.

The spoons come in three different sizes, with 25 fish catching colors to choose from. The Musky (5-1/2 inch 2 1/8 oz), The Senior (3-5/8 inch 1oz), and The Junior (3 inch 5/8oz). My favorites are the Red-White, Red-Yellow, Black-Yellow but as you can see on the website, there are many great color patterns. I've used the spoons many times and have had great success with them. I will be purchasing some new ones for my next pike fishing trip, now that I have been reacquainted with an old friend. To tell you the truth, I have never used the plugs at all, but based on the spoons success It would be worthy of a good try. I'll have to get a few of those too!

Visit and pick up a spoon or two and give it a try on your next fishing trip. I think you'll like them just as much as we do here at Cappy's Pond!

Disclaimer- This was an independent review of the Fishtrap and the Weedless Bait Company. Cappy's Pond and Kirk B Cahill did not receive any compensation for this review nor is Cappy's Pond or Kirk B Cahill associated in any way with the Weedless Bait Company and  As with all product reviews at Cappy's Pond, our goal is to provide you the reader with an honest review of the products mentioned to help you catch more fish!     


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