Sunday, September 4, 2011

I'll "B" At The Park!

Yesterday morning my son Bryan and I or "B" as we like to call him, managed to get out to our local fishing hole with my nephew Tyler to search for some big cats. The weather was hot and sticky, making for good catting weather in my book. The bite was slow however and we waited patiently for almost three hours for something big to happen. Other than a few small pick ups that resulted in empty hooks we were quite disappointed in our results based on the perfect conditions. We set up in three different locations with the same old story until we decided to give it the old college try (very fitting for the first day of the college football season) and moved over to one last spot.

Our presentation is quite simple and easy to use. A 6.5ft Daiwa medium action spinning rod/reel combo with 10lb test Trilene XL line. A Eagle Claw # 2 (red) snelled hook and a 1/2 oz sinker 12 to 18 inches up from the hook. Bring a few comfortable lawn chairs and plenty of water and snacks (we forgot them) and some Oscar Meyer franks for bait!

B decided that it would be more exciting if he went over to the playground to look for his friends from school, rather than sit with his boring old Dad and cousin and fry in the sun like fried chicken on a barbecue grill. He disappeared for an hour or so in the middle of our three hours of zilch, only to return and ask, "Are you getting any?" My response was the usual, "No, but at least we are trying."

I decided to give up on the cats and started searching the nephews tackle bag for a good bass bait, when B's line went slack and I told him that he had a bite. He gave it a few seconds, patiently reeling up the slack line, felt the weight of the fish and set the hook. We knew right away he had hooked into a good fish and the battle was on. The rod was bent over, but he is a strong kid and does a nice job fighting the fish. After a few good pictures we released the monster back into the pond for another tussle for some other kids.

Now this is the second time in the last two weeks that B has managed to catch the big one and Tyler and I have been skunked! I'm not sure what is going on here but the next time we go for the big cats...I'll be at the park!

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  1. Hey, "B", that is a nice cat fish. Way to stick Ol' Mr. Whiskers!

  2. "B" Might be the catfish whisperer.


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