Wednesday, November 25, 2009

To Give Thanks........

I went out fishing on Monday afternoon for a couple of hours just to enjoy the last hold of the warm weather. I was using a fathead minnow, medium to large size below a slip float. Fishing one of the eddies in the Fox river that I frequent often, I was able to catch a small pike 16 inches long. Surprise to me because I haven't caught a northern pike in that spot in the 16 years I have been fishing the Fox. The weather turned, wind switched from the north, and I started to feel that winter chill. Two days later, after sniffling, sneezing, and coughing more times than I care to mention, I find myself saying Thank You! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, that is normally spent with Shirley's brother Claude and his family in Red bud Illinois. Even though we couldn't make the trip this year due to Shirley's new job at Central Dupage Hospital, we still have allot of things to be thankful for. Since I lost my job in August, we have managed to cut a few corners and skimp on a couple of nights out a month to make ends meet. It hasn't been easy but we are making it work. The extra time on the couch the last 2 days has allowed me to reflect on the wonderful open water fishing season I had in 2009. I don't know if I caught more fish this year than I did last year but I sure had fun trying. Between my best friend Rich and my son Bryan to my nephews Tyler, Danny, Sean and Johnny there are allot of good memories from this year, and that doesn't include the quality time I spent with my brothers. So as I sit here tonight and watch the Hawks skate on the frozen pond to a 7-2 win over the Sharks, I can only dream of what might be on that first ice fishing trip for the winter. Bluegills biting or not I know that I'll have much to be thankful for!

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