Saturday, April 24, 2010

IHSA Bass Fishing Sectional at Busse Woods / St. Viator H.S.

Yesterday was one of those days that just don't come around often enough. Getting up at 4:00 am and smelling the freshly brewed coffee that I had prepared and programmed the night before. I was filled with anticipation for the days events and also a little nervous that I may not be able to meet the expectations of those who were counting on me. It had finally arrived. The IHSA Bass Fishing Sectional on Busse Lake was here and I was very fortunate to be a part of it.

I showered to wake myself up, got dressed and headed down to the kitchen. I packed my lunch and water, filled my thermos with coffee, and topped off my travel mug too! As i headed for the garage, Scruffy looked at me from his bed, as if to say...I hope he's not planning on making me get up? I obliged and told him to go to sleep. He was very content with my response. Hooking up the trailer to the truck, I closed the garage door and headed out of the subdivision and down the road. As I approached route 20, I was surprised to see so many cars out so early in the morning. Oh yeah! It's Friday and people have to go to work. Sometimes I forget what day it is, being so occupied with all that I have going on with Cast Across America and Job Hunting!

When I arrived at the launch ramp I was surprised to see that there was only one other boat there. That was a good thing because we were first for boat inspection. After a complete check of our safety equipment we launched and tied up the boat at the dock. I was very impressed with how well organized the Sectional was. The volunteers were great and it seemed to go quite smoothly. A big round of applause is needed for their efforts! After our coaches meeting it was time to hit the water.

I was the boat captain/coach for two Sophomores from St. Viator H.S., Daniel Cleary and Patrick Hulsebosch. I graduated from St. Viator back in 1985 so it was an honor to be helping out my old school. The boys were pumped up for the tournament and ready to go. That extra adrenalin might have cost us our first fish. Patrick was fishing a crank bait and probably was a little too aggressive in trying to reel one in when it let go. Within 15 minutes he had a second fish hit that same crank bait, this one held on a little longer but still managed to get off. I'm pretty sure that both fish just nipped the back of the lure and were not hooked very well. That can happen to anyone, unfortunately it happened to Patrick. He handled the situation quite well and it only made him more determined to catch a Bass. Daniel on the other hand didn't have any opportunities, and other than one bump on a twitch bait, it was a quiet day for him. We did however fish the spot where the largest Bass of the day was caught. We talked with that team for a few minutes just before they hooked it. That's Bass fishing. Congratulations to Jacobs H.S., Algonquin, IL for catching that 3lb 14oz fish!

There were some nice fish caught and a few limits too. All in all I'd say it was a win win situation for everyone involved. Another round of applause goes out from Cast Across America to Wheaton Warrenville South Boat #2, Maine West Boat #1 and York High School Boat #2. Good luck at the State Finals on May 7Th and 8Th at Carlyle Lake.

One final thought on the days events. 25 years will have passed this June since I walked through the doors of St. Viator H.S for the last time. I have many great memories from my years there, and have always felt that I was lucky to have been able to attend St. Viator. Meeting Daniel and Patrick and spending a few days with them on the water, has reminded me again, not only of the academic education that I received, but the outstanding character values that are taught at St. Viator. The Cleary and Hulsebosch families along with the Faculty and Staff at St. Viator should be very proud of these fine young men. Thank you again, for letting me be a part of the first Bass Fishing Team at St. Viator H.S.

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  1. Hey-

    I'm just getting started in blogging (and bass fishing!) and I came across your blog. Very interesting so far.

    I think it's very cool that you took some time to be a role model for those students and helped thame make some memories. I'm an education major and hopefully someday I can be a coach/driver for some students in a few tournaments.

    Good blog so far, keep it up!


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