Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thoughts That Blew In From Somewhere

For most of us, life is a constant change from day to day. We roll with these changes as best we can, enjoying the highs, dealing with the lows and somehow we manage to level out once in a while.

Today, Chicago was awaken by a powerful storm that made us all feel a little bit smaller in relation to the bigger picture. I received a phone call around 7:00 AM, that woke me from my slumber. My nephew Tyler (who is becoming quite the fisherman) told me about the tornado sirens that were blaring in his neighborhood. I only live a mile or so away, so I was quite surprised that I didn't hear them at all. Maybe it was the rain that was pounding against my living room windows at such a force that I couldn't hear them, or was I off in some peaceful dream catching another crappie or bluegill from a submerged tree?

I quickly grabbed my family and headed for a safer part of the house, waiting for the storm to subside. Within a few moments the rain had stopped, the wind let up a bit, and the all clear was posted. There was no damage to my home or anyone around us but the "what if" segments have played back in my head a few times throughout the day.

Life is like that sometimes. It kind of slaps you, when it needs to, and reminds us who we are, where we have been and where we are going. I'm glad that it does. Wouldn't we find life a rather boring place to be if it didn't shake us up once in a while? I know I would.

We roll on again after a morning like today, taking a piece of it with us, leaving a piece of it behind. Just as we do every time we go fishing, on our favorite river, lake or pond. To me fishing is that leveled out time of our lives, the one constant that pulls it all together and allows us to roll with these changes. It is always there for us, like a mother to a child, and a master to his dog. Providing a space for those of who love the outdoors and fishing. Keep on rolling!

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  1. Glad to hear all is well. I had heard about the storms in your area on the news. Anyway, also enjoyed your perspective on life and fishing in general.

  2. Kirk,
    I'm glad you and your family are all right. It does take moments like your morning to put a bit of perspective into our minds and hearts. I agree with you about fishing. When I try to explain to others why I spend as much time on the water as I do, I often go to...."It's my one constant, the thing that never changes despite whats going on in my life. The one thing I can count on for certain"
    Great post...

  3. Rebecca,
    I write because I love to. I fish because I love to. When people read my posts and comment on them, it gives me great satisfaction. One of the greatest joys in fishing is helping a new fisherman catch their first nice fish. You just did that!


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