Tuesday, July 26, 2011

From Puddles To Pelicans

Although I am somewhat accustomed to my new job, the thought of going to work on this beautiful Monday morning did nothing to excite me. For I have left my heart in another place, far away from the hustle and bustle of suburban Chicago. It hit me hard, last Friday morning, while walking the city streets, with lightning, thunder and pouring rain. The taxis and buses took their turns in a splash fest, trying to soak me a little bit more than I already was. It seemed to be in far contrast from the playful laughter heard by open fire hydrants, where children cooled themselves from the intense heat, less than twenty four hours before. There, while standing in the puddles of  the concrete rain forest, I realized that this was normally our week to be vacationing in Northern Minnesota.

If you have read any of my posts in the last two years, you know of my deep love for Pelican Lake, in Orr Minnesota's north woods. Our summer trips, although too short, were always filled with fishing memories that I have tried in some capacity to share with all of you. I headed east this morning,  looking into a bright golden sun. The only problem was that I was on the left side of my Chevy Trailblazer, instead of the right side of my seventeen foot Lowe. Oh how I wished to be heading the boat into Saunders bay, maybe to search for hungry small-mouth along the rocky structure on the south shore of the main island. But on this day, I was headed to the office to ramp up my service knowledge of Toshiba's line of products, instead of over to the resort boat ramp. Don't get me wrong. The launching of my new career with Toshiba is a good thing. Two years of unemployment was long enough, but you all know I'd rather be launching my boat.

The deep blue sky overhead today, clouds all but disappeared, reminded me of those mid summer days as a young teenager back on Pelican. Lying down on a wooden boat seat, feet up on the gunnel, while the sounds of the water splashing against the aluminum, lulled my cousins and I off to sleep. The call of the loon swimming near the boat, would wake us from our slumber, then casting Gator spoons for Northern Pike would once again be foremost on our minds. Returning to the docks for supper, the smell of fresh cooked fish and homemade fries would fill the late afternoon air. Cooler evening breezes, like the ones we had today, helped to make conditions perfect for good fishing, great campfires, and some of the best sleeping weather you'll ever find.

I'll make it through this week, although it won't be easy, and I might get caught daydreaming a time or two. Maybe of a large-mouth bass hitting a power craw as it falls off  the side of a log, or an eagle as it swoops down to grab a surfacing crappie at dusk. My mind might be taken back to night time walks on the beach hand in hand with someone special. Whatever it will be...I know the hard work this week and the ones to follow will bring me closer to my next trip back to Pelican Lake and the pristine forests of Northern Minnesota. At the least, it will help me get through a few more of those puddles.

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