Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Updates From The Pond

I don't know where the spring of 2011 ran off to, but it sure left in a hurry. It seems like only a month or so has passed since I was fishing from the portable ice shanty and now it's summer already. Looking forward to an afternoon/evening of fishing today after some yard work. Maybe the fish will be in a better mood now that the sun is shining again!
The long road from the workplace to the unemployment line and back to the workplace is almost complete now. After trying to just land any decent paying job I could find, knowing I wouldn't be happy, I received a call from Toshiba Business Solutions of Arlington Heights, IL. Finally a job that fits! I will be starting there as a Field Service Technician on July 11th. I am looking forward to this opportunity and working toward re-establishing my bankroll (for a new boat) after 23 months of being unemployed!
Our baseball season just ended last night for the South Elgin AAA (8,9,10 year old) Pirates. We ran into a good fielding and hitting team in the Red Sox at the South Elgin, Sperry Tournament.  I think the final team record for the year was 19-5 give or take a game in the win column. One loss was by forfeit for only having 8 players. The kids had a stretch of 12 wins in a row and we had a noticeable improvement in our game as the season progressed. I was very proud to be a coach of such a great group of kids. Their effort was outstanding and we even talked a little fishing in the dugout from time to time. Congrats to these young ball players on a superb season!
July is just around the corner and I can't believe that my son Bryan is going to be 10 years old in just a weeks time. I'm sure that Shirley and I just brought him home yesterday. I can remember giving him his first bath while we listened to the Cubs game together his first night in the hospital. The amazing part is that the Cubs actually won that night, something that doesn't happen very often these days. Happy 10th Birthday to my super fantastic son Bryan. I know that I am the luckiest father in the world to have a son like you.
We got a few fish this spring! The collage below showcases some of the action we had from local Illinois ponds to the pristine woods of Northern Wisconsin. I hope that the end of summer collage for 2011 will be just as fun and exciting. A  bass fishing tip for this summer.... It doesn't matter what type or color of lure you are throwing, as long as you learn how to use it correctly. Location of the cast, speed of the retrieve, and paying close attention to the subtle differences, on the casts that produce a fish, will help you to become a better angler. I fished almost the entire spring season with one spinner bait and two types of plastic worms. Almost all the bass I caught were on these 3 lures. Simplify your arsenal. Study your results. The more time you spend learning the baits you use, the more fish you will be taking pictures with. Have a great summer fishing season and remember, you can't catch any fish if your line isn't in the

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  1. Sorry for being MIA so long, bu I'm back in the groove with visiting my old favorites again. GREAT news on the job front - congrats!

    I really wish we would have gotten a chance to fish together before I left, but sometimes life just gets in the way.

    Keep posting and I'll keep reading!



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