Thursday, December 3, 2009

In Between Days....

Decorating the Christmas tree is one of my favorite things to do during the Holidays. I'm pretty particular about how it needs to be done, which keeps the rest of the family away, not to create any conflicts. The holiday music is played from the start until completion, normally about three days. This drives Shirley crazy because she doesn't really care for holiday music anyway. No colored lights are allowed! Only white. The red glass balls go on first (there is mostly red) than the red bells. Next come the silver balls and bells. Then we move on to gold, purple, etc. Once all that is complete, we put on the rest of the ornaments. Oh, I forgot to mention it took me an entire day to set just the tree up and adjust all the branches. After three days it was completed and it looks great if I do say so myself. During all that holiday music, tree trimming, and beer,I had lots of time to think about what else, fishing. This is the time of year when you really don't have time to be fishing. With all that there is to do for Christmas, we can't really tell our wives that we are taking off a whole day to go catch a few walleyes. Although, I admit I have tried once or twice. We make time to go every other time of the year, why not before Christmas? Well, I'll tell you why. It's just not worth it. First of all, the weather is just not that cooperative, cold one day, warm the next. We all know that type of weather pattern really sucks for fishing. Second, most people have put the boat away for the winter, which limits the places where you can go. I'm not putting my waders on and going to stand in 40 degree water for non-biting fish. So this gives us lots of excuses as to why we are not fishing. But the real reason is WE DON'T WANT TO GET YELLED AT! The stress that the holidays can put upon us can make you go crazy. Trying to find the extra money needed to buy gifts, food, travel, can be tough on all of us. Now just imagine adding to that. Can I go fishing dear? The next words you are going to hear are four letter words that I can't put down here and are muttered in boats, across lakes, every time you miss a fish. Next comes the silent treatment, she pretends if she doesn't talk to you,it will force you to change your mind and stay home. It works! (but only till ice up). So we do the little things to keep everyone happy, like helping with shopping, buying the groceries, hanging up the lights outside, etc. This is where we collect "the free pass". If we are good during the holidays we can use our free pass later in the winter to go ice fishing. I'm one step ahead though, you can use this holiday time to your advantage. "I'm going into the basement to wrap gifts" really means that you are going downstairs to sharpen your hooks. "I'll clean the garage sweetie" means you are going to dust off the ice shanty. "Would you like me to go look for a present for your sister?" means I'm on my way to BASS PRO to get a new jigging stick. Using the time wisely now can result in a bounty of fish later. The holidays will come and go just like they do every year. I'll finish the decorating, help with the cooking, be a good husband, and before you know it, 2010 and 6 inches of ice. I can't wait! Until then it's a good thing that putting up the tree is one of my favorite traditions of Christmas!

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