Friday, December 11, 2009

Why Men are Not to Clean House!

If you stepped outside the last few days you have obviously noticed that old man winter has decided to slap us in the face. Yes he has awaken, and quite abruptly I might add. Being that it is too cold to fish for me (it's got to be at least twenty degrees)I took the time to continue my assault on the dust bunnies that are running rampant through the house. That is not Shirley's fault, she has been working almost everyday. Well, here is my testimony of the days events. My first thought was to clean the chandeliers (small light fixtures) hanging from our vaulted ceiling. I took out the ladder and built my homemade scaffolding (a couple of kitchen chairs) placed the ladder and began to clean away. After a full roll of paper towels, I had managed to completely wipe off the first light and decided to change the bulbs. "Why not change them?" I said, since I was on the scaffold and they were looking a little worn and dirty. Upon entering the utility room to get the new bulbs out of the cabinet, I managed to drop the old bulbs and they shattered in a million pieces on top of the dryer. The glass pieces had now fallen amongst the items that were on the washer and dryer (can you see where this is going?). Out came the vacuum cleaner to pick up all the debris. As I am vacuuming up the fragments in comes the dog (I didn't hear him with the noise of the vacuum) to walk right through the glass! Now this is where it gets good! I removed Scruffy, check his paws for shards and go back to finish the vacuuming. Continuing on, I begin to notice that the vacuum didn't seem to be working anymore. Now What!? After my investigation, I found that I managed to suck up two small baby socks (I use them for Scruffy when it's cold) into the vacuum hose. To the garage to get the tools, disassemble the hose from the main unit and remove the socks. After putting the vacuum back together, and finishing the utility room, I decided to vacuum the couches in the family room. Surprise! Someone (I'm putting my bet on Bryan) had spilled something in the couch and didn't do a very good job of cleaning it up. Just what I wanted to do next. Out came the Resolve. Two hours later I had finally managed to make it back to the living room to complete the light fixtures. I put everything away, cleaned up the kitchen, fixed dinner for Bryan and me and sat down to eat. Where did the day go? It was gone in a flash. I thought about the crazy events of the day and was reminded. That's exactly like a day of fishing, they go by so quickly. A full day on the water or ice can bring a multitude of different problems to the forefront. How we adapt to those changes is what makes us all better fisherman. Mechanical issues with the car or boat, equipment failures with rods and reels, weather changes such as a cold front, can all have an effect on a perfect day of fishing. But as seasoned anglers we are ready for whatever is cast our way. I suppose my wife Shirley is accustomed to those same type of issues when cleaning the house. I will tell you that I am not, nor ever will I be! I'm thinking of changing my twenty degree rule, and the next time I'm looking for something to do, you can bet just as much that Bryan was the one who spilled on the couch.... I'll be going fishing!

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