Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Christmas Collector of Unused Fishing Gifts

This weeks writing prompt from the Outdoor Blogger Network asked us to come up with a Christmas wish list to provide for our friends and family to help ease their holiday shopping. I took a little time to think about this one...and here is what came to mind. Please do not buy me anything for Christmas. I have a better idea!

Last week my 23 year old stepson Jeramie moved out of the house to begin his adult life with his girlfriend Jackie. Along with their new apartment they are expecting a baby girl to be born in the next couple of weeks. A new born baby at Christmas is about the best gift that our family could ever receive. Shirley and I are excited about becoming grandparents but are also concerned for the challenges that await for their new family. We wish them all the best of luck.

Shirley, Bryan and I need to come up with a plan for all the extra space that we now have in our home. One less car parked on the street makes it easier to back the boat into the garage when it's not at my brother's house or in winter storage. An empty bedroom that could be used to...I don't know...maybe a fly tying room? How about a nice warm place to hang my fishing rods, store my reels and decorate it with a few replica mounts of that muskie I'm going to catch next summer?

Our crawl space now has room for all kinds of things. I could store extra tackle boxes, boat cushions, life jackets, an ice fishing shanty or say a new power auger. Whatever we decide to do with the space is still yet to be determined, but it's nice to have the space.

I bet most of you wish that you had more of that space? Well, Cappy is here to help all of you and save the day. Here is my idea. Go through all of your fishing tackle and equipment, and whatever items that you have never used, just send them all to me! See... I told you I didn't want you to buy me anything. I'll go through all of the stuff, use whatever we can, and pass the rest on to my nieces and nephews.

All of the fans of Cappy's Pond will be helping me fill up some unused space and I will be doing my part to give you some extra room that you so desperately need. A win win for all involved. I told you I had a good idea!

No items will be refused (as long as they have to do with fishing) just contact me to get my address and ship the items prepaid (of course) and I'll take care of the rest. If I catch a fish while using one of your items I'll give you a plug on our facebook page at Cappy's Pond. What a service I will be doing for all of you, fishing with all the equipment that you never use. So send me an e-mail and I'll get you that address so your items will be sure to get here by Christmas.

Thanks in advance for helping me....and I assure you that it's no problem at all.

Enjoy your newly cleared space!


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