Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ice Fishing Update From Labor & Delivery

Today started out with some excitement as I sat down with my laptop and a fresh cup of coffee. While reading the home page of the Outdoor Blogger Network  I noticed I was selected by the random number generator for the Frabill Deadstick Rod/Reel Combo! What a way to start out your morning. I will put that combo to good use this winter across the frozen lakes and ponds of Chicagoland. Stay tuned for my upcoming review at the OBN!

Currently, Shirley & I are sitting in the "New" Sherman Hospital, Elgin, IL in Labor & Delivery waiting for the arrival of our new grandbaby. It's going to be a girl and I already know the name but just in case it is a boy or they change the name, I can't let the cat out of the bag too early. We are both so excited! Shirley is not quite as relaxed I am, which is why I brought along the laptop to do some blogging while she nervously paces the hospital waiting area. It's going to be a long (great) day!

Yesterday we managed to get out on the ice at Pickerel  Lake in Dupage County for a great day of ice fishing. A perfect winters day for being on the hard water, we managed to catch an assortment of bluegill, crappie and bass while fishing in 12 to 15 feet of water, less than two feet off the bottom. The ticket was a wax worm tipped on a small blue ice fishing jig (see picture from my last post). The kids had a tough time getting the fish to take the bait, as it took some persistance and teasing to entice them. I caught the most fish (again) as I clued in on the trick. While leaving the rod in a deadstick position for a few minutes and then moving the jig upward quite slowly, the fish would be a little more aggressive. The bass however, were a little bit different as they slammed the bait and took off running... just like the Bears!
I was glad to see the boys having a good time as everyone caught a fish! We got them to put the video games down for a bit, and get them all outdoors. I think they had the most fun drilling the holes in the ice and now that I'm going to be a grandpa that's going to save a little wear and tear on old Cappy.
I don't think we could have enjoyed the day anymore than we did except that we forgot the portable grill and the Johnsonvilles! That will never happen again, while ice fishing.

So a few more hours from now I should be holding my new granddaughter and telling her how much fun she is going to have fishing with Grandpa Kirk & Uncle Bryan! I think we are all going to have a perfect Christmas together...I hope that you all do too!    

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  1. Congrats on the new granddaughter... Good job on the fishing!


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