Tuesday, December 14, 2010

No Really People, I Do Fish

It seems lately, that every time I write a new post I'm telling you that I am planning on going fishing. Once again that plan still hasn't been carried out. The rain we had on Saturday, scared me back into my man-cave to avoid drowning. This could have happened above or below the surface of the backwaters of the Fox river, as it was really coming down in buckets. Ice buckets to be exact.

The cold winds came overnight and the rain changed to snow but I couldn't try setting up a portable ice fishing shelter in fifty mile an hour wind gusts. Or could I? No. Sunday was another day to just hang in the man-cave, curl up with the dog, and dream of crappies and bluegills, instead of catching them.

The good news was that the Packers lost to the Lions and the Bears were on next. This football game will help me forget about ice fishing for a while.(forward to end of first quarter) That didn't last very long and I again had to find something to keep me busy. Lucky for me the Christmas tree still needed to be put up, but the assembling of the eight foot pine only made me long for the north woods cabin and the frozen lakes that abound there.

Sometimes this can be the most difficult time of the year. Too much ice to take the boat out and not enough ice to make it safe for a group of anxious fisherman. With the cold weather again here to stay, a few more nights will give us that safe ice we are waiting for here in Northern Illinois. Today will be spent lubing up a few more ice fishing reels, sharpening a dozen or so ice fishing jigs, and loading up a couple more maps into the portable GPS.

The Bears don't play until Monday so the weekend looks free to go fishing. I won't waste the time on Sunday to worry about the Packers beating the Patriots, they too will fall victim to superior coaching and talent. Another day to ice fish! My son Bryan is off of school starting next week and I will have to find something to keep him busy (hint, hint). So, hopefully in the next few few days I will go fishing again, and I can't wait to tell you all about it.


  1. I'm glad to see you woke up from the dreamland...

    "I won't waste the time on Sunday to worry about the Packers beating the Patriots, they too will fall victim to superior coaching and talent."

  2. Cindy. The four of us have got to go out for dinner one night. We would have a blast!

  3. Hope you get a chance to get some of those ice jigs in the picture wet and cold soon! Be safe and looking forward to some ice fishing posts.

  4. I'll have to second Mel! ( Found you through the OBN News Feed, btw...) The only 'ice fishing" we have down here in the deep South is when ice forms in our guides. I have managed to stay out of that sort of weather so far this winter, despite it being the coldest December I can ever remember - but that doesn't mean ice fishing (yankee style) doesn't sound super interesting!

  5. Ice fishing would be difficult in those conditions...so, hopefully it lets up for you soon or you just might get a case of "cabinitis" like Owl...haha.


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