Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What's In The Name? Just About Everything

Another outstanding writing prompt from the Outdoor Blogger Network has led me to give you a little insight on the origin of the name Cappy's Pond.

To start, we have to go back and ride along on the voyage of the Starship Enterprise. The captain of the ship in the famous Star Trek series was none other than James T. Kirk, played by William Shatner. My nicknames over the years have all sprung from the true original Captain Kirk. A short list would include; Cap, Cappy, Captain, Captron & Tron.

Tron, which eventually turned into Captron was derived directly from the movie Tron. A good friend of ours David Mayer also know as "The Maggot" thought that I looked like one of the characters in the original film. After a few Canadian fishing adventures the nickname became Captron and to this day my license plate is CPTRON 9. The 9 being the ninth day of the month for my birthday. Now you know who's truck & trailer has been parked at all those launch sites.

I love to wear fishing caps (baseball style) and I don't go out of the house very often without having one placed upon the top of my head. My brother Keith has called me Cap for years and when I started this blogging thing I thought Cappy would be a good name for the blog title, which became, Cappy's Blog.

Since the original blog name, I have tweaked it to Cappy's Pond. The Pond comes from my childhood and the hours that I spent at Windemere pond in South Barrington, IL. A private subdivision that we would sneak into so we could experience the quality bass fishing that was available there. The police officers knew me quite well but would leave me alone as long as the residents didn't call me in for trespassing. I learned to dress in dark green and brown to blend in to the surroundings, at least until I shouted "Yeah!" after catching a nice bass. A pond contains a collection of different creatures all living together. In essence this blog is also a collection of my fishing adventures. The "Pond" fits well on both accounts.

Well, now you know where the blog name came from, now if we only knew where the blog is headed. I don't want to let the minnow out of the bucket just yet...but if I were a betting man ( I LOVE TO PLAY THE HORSES ) I'd say it might end up along side some other great fishing blogs on one of my favorite sites... Fishing Headquarters. If you haven't been to this site you probably want to take a look around and enjoy one of the best fishing sites on the Internet. I think you will like it as much as I do, and then you'll know why Cappy's Pond might just end up at the FHQ. At least that's what a little fishy told me.       


  1. Kirk...that is an awesome story! I wouldn't have guessed that one. Oh, those "cappy's" sure come in handy, don't they? Fortunately, for me with my bad hair days...ha.

  2. I always wondered what was behind the name, now I know. Thanks for clarifying.

  3. Women who fish look good all the time...except when they catch more fish than I do! LOL.

    Thank you for reading as always.


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