Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday Thoughts...Updates And More

I haven't posted anything new since last Wednesday and I just wanted to keep you updated on the happenings at Cappy's Pond.

Although I managed to finally restore the house to it's pre-holiday glory, it was not without some stern looks and stares from across the dinner table. Most of you understand that it's just too difficult to use your time wisely, when you could be outside freezing over a ten inch hole waiting for a sign of life. I'm still in good graces though, since Scruffy hasn't had to give up part of the mud room, at least not yet.   

Today, there is some excitement in the air as Fishing Headquarters has released the second issue in its outstanding e-mag publication. I was invited to write an article for the magazine and will be a regular contributor going forward to issue # 3 and beyond. I ask you to take a few minutes today to look over the current issue, read a few of the articles and provide some feedback for the Fishing Headquarters. A link is listed below for issues # 1 & 2 Andrew Ragas and his group have some "reel" talent over there and I think you will be impressed with the content.

Blog changes are again in the works and I will soon be moving Cappy's Pond to be included along with the other outstanding blogs at Fishing Headquarters/Blogs. I am excited to be included along side these other great fishing blogs with their quality web design, awesome video productions and overall fishing knowledge.
If you could make sure that your blog rolls and links to Cappy's Pond are listed as you will automatically be rolled over to the new page when it is completed. If your link is still listed as please make the change now. Thanks!

Cold weather has hit Chicago with a blast today as we are expecting wind-chills to dip to -20 to -30 below this evening. I will spend a few days next to the fireplace and dream of the open water season, while re-organizing the ice fishing equipment for next weeks warmer weather. I included a few pictures of a good walleye caught last spring while wading the Fox River. It wont be long now.

One final thought...

I am sorry to inform my Green Bay Packer friends to the north that the Bears will be celebrating a victory on Sunday. Although I was as surprised by your teams improbable stretch run this year, almost as much as you were. The one thing all of us can agree on, is we are glad that we are not playing against the Vikings! At least our teams didn't collapse under pressure the way Minnesota's roof did! The great part about being a Bears fan is we have two other teams we can always laugh at. Enjoy the game, even though you will not like the outcome. Sorry Packer fans, this is our time to take the cheese! 

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  1. As a Vikings fan, I might normally take offense to those comments, but given the situation, my enemy's enemy is my friend. Down with the cheeseheads!


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