Monday, January 10, 2011

Frabill Bro Series 28" Deadstick Ice Combo - Gear Review

When the Outdoor Blogger Network notified me that I was a winner for a new ice fishing rod & reel combo from Frabill, I almost started drilling holes right near my kitchen table. I have used other Frabill products that I have purchased in the past, and for the most part I have been very happy with them. My first thoughts were that this ice combo would be no different.

It arrived the day before Christmas Eve and I greeted Santa's helper and his big brown truck after hearing the box being placed at the front door. I opened it at once, and placed it on the island in the center of our kitchen for all to see.

I got out on the ice a few times over the next few weeks to give it a try and was quite impressed with the overall quality of the combo, although the fish were not as cooperative as we would have liked them to be. With a suggested retail listed at Frabill of $44.99 the Bro Series combo worked flawlessly even with temperatures dropping well into the teens. Sometimes I even sat  it directly on the ice and it didn't freeze up.
The special Sub-Zero lube that Frabill uses really works!

The handle on both the rod and the reel are large enough to be used with your gloves on, and at no time did I feel my fishing "feel" was being compromised by wearing the gloves. The sensitivity of the fluorescent orange tip of the pole was adequate for catching small panfish (and I mean small) even though I prefer one with greater sensitivity. If we had gotten on some bigger crappie and gills the backbone of this combo would have been able to handle the largest of panfish. The large guides allowed for easy line travel even with the lightest of line and jigs. My nephew Tyler got to use it one afternoon, out fished me (30 to 14) and seemed to like it better than his own combo.

Here is a video I took from inside our ice shelter while fishing on the ice.

Overall I (we) am very pleased with the Frabill Bro Series 28" Deadstick Ice Combo.

As soon as I get done posting this review I will be heading back out on the ice to attempt to catch a few big gills for dinner.

Disclaimer - Kirk B Cahill & Cappy's Pond have written and filmed an independent and honest review of this product for the Outdoor Blogger Network. The product was supplied free of charge by Frabill to Cappy's Pond through a contest on the OBN in return for a gear review. Kirk B Cahill & Cappy's Pond are not  associated with Frabill in any way and we did not receive any other compensation for this review.     


  1. Sounds like a winner there!

  2. If the video portion doesn't load at first, try refreshing the page once.

  3. Kirk - The video loaded just fine for me. It was well done and provided a good overview of the rod and reel combo. Wished the fishing had been more cooperative. I would like to have seen that rod tip in action!


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