Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Call of Duty : Black Ops....Ahead of the Game!

You're probably wondering where this post is headed after seeing the title, but I can assure you that somehow I'll be writing about fishing. The perfect week of weather we are experiencing in Chicagoland is making me stir crazy. Temps are pushing 70 degrees and there isn't a cloud in the sky, and I haven't been able to wet a line in over two weeks. I really need to set my priorities.

I am going to take Bryan to NIU tonight to see the Huskies battle Toledo in a MAC conference football showdown that should decide the conference champion. A nationally televised game with a packed crowd at the "Dog House" will add to the overall excitement of the evening. We are both looking forward to a victory! Go NIU!

Right now I am waiting for UPS to deliver the new Call of Duty : Black Ops video game for the Wii to my front door. The plan is to get a few hours of practice on Black Ops before the nephews come home from school. There is a chance I could actually level up a few times before I play them and not get my butt kicked. I know that it is just a dream, and after a few days I won't stand a chance, but it's worth a try.

The thought crossed my mind that if I can learn how to play their game maybe I can get them to play mine. My nephews all like to fish and I enjoy taking them out on the water and spending time with them, but only Tyler has taken fishing to the next level. He has developed a passion for angling that is much deeper than the others. I think I'll challenge the rest of them to a duel. If I beat them in Black Ops they have to spend a day fishing with me on the river. Sounds like a win win to me except I have to find time to get better than them at this video game. Today is that day. Wish me luck!

Some food for thought......If we share with our kids their passion for gaming, and connect on their level, we might just get them to join us for a little outdoor gaming of our own.

Thanks for visiting Cappy's Pond. Take a kid fishing, and remember that you can't catch any fish if your line isn't in the water.


  1. Title caught my eye immediately - we're waiting for our Black Ops today, too. I LOVE the Madern Warfare games, although my wife thinks I'm an immature idiot when I go into the basement to "kill stuff".

    I like your challenge, but I have NO chance to beat my son, so I'll just make him go along with me to the ponds.

    I HAVE TO get out tomorrow or Thursday - I think its our last hurrah.


  2. You have made some very interesting correlations with this post. Hope you get to the win-win situation also. Good luck competing with your nephews. Like Wolfy says, "I have no chance" with my Grandsons.

  3. Good thing those titles come out in the winter, eh? The new game looks AWESOME so far. Last year, I didn't get much fishing in due to the release of MW2....LOL!

  4. We have the Black Ops craze going on at our house right now. I've always been able to hold my own with my son on all the Halo games, but he slaughters me in Black Ops:) It's still fun to try!



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