Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Full Circle

This November 17TH will mark the one year anniversary of Cappy's Pond. In the last year I have changed the name of the blog a few times, changed the look of the blog a few times, and changed the location of the blog a few times. One thing however has remained the same, my love of fishing and the enjoyment of sharing those experiences with you.

Since being released from my previous place of employment in August of 2009, I have wondered where life's new road will take me. Job interviews have been few, and when I have managed to get that far, have fallen way short of expectations. On the morning after mid-term elections, I remain confident that this economy will turn around, providing once again a means to support my family.

The silver lining in all of this, is that I have been fortunate enough to have found a passion other than fishing, and that is writing about it. Since joining the Outdoor Blogger Network in mid October, I have gained many new readers to Cappy's Pond. I welcome all of you, and in return have enjoyed reading many of your blogs that I never knew existed.

To celebrate the one year anniversary of Cappy's Pond I wanted to share an excerpt from one of my previous posts. I wouldn't be here writing this if it wasn't for Dad. His love for fishing and the patience to share it with us, has made my life more than I ever hoped it could be. So here is a little bit of that post to convey to my new readers how Cappy's Pond all got started.....

[ Some day I will have to do some digging to find the video tape my mother has of me opening my first tackle box. It was filmed on an old super 8 movie camera with no sound, but yes, it's in color and I'm not that old. Mom later converted all our movies on to video and added some cheesy background music to them. I haven't watched them for quite awhile, and I think it's time to entertain Shirley and Bryan with a night at the old house, watching some classic movies of a kindergarten kid in checkered (or were they striped?) pants.

The tackle box was made by Plano, a dark green hard plastic, with one white tray, and a clasp at the front . I sat on the patio and opened it up, remembering to this day the items inside. There was a new Zebco 202 reel, a hand held gray telescope, a few Mr. Twister spinner packages, and a couple of Beetle Spins. Also included were a package of red and white floats and some Eagle Claw hooks. By the look on my face in the video, and the shaking of my arms up and down, (with lures in hand) you would've thought that my parents just gave me the world. I wasn't aware of it at young age of five or six, but they did just that.

Thirty seven years later, on the 22ND anniversary of my fathers passing, I find myself thinking of that little green tackle box and all that was given to me inside. It was full of so much more! Items can be lost, worn out, or replaced, but the memories of that moment and the ones that were created from it, will be a part of me forever.]

Cappy's Pond will soon come full circle. One year of writing, posting and sharing fishing memories with all of you. I couldn't be more pleased with the year of fishing and blogging that I have had, and I am looking forward to blogging well into the future. Dad is with me each and every time I hit the water. Through Cappy's Pond I know that most of you will be there too!

You can follow me on twitter @ cappyspond. If you are on facebook you can join our group page listed as Cappy's Pond, and remember you can't catch any fish if your line isn't in the water.


  1. Congrats on the one year milestone... I'm glad to run into another Illinois fishing Blogger.

  2. Thanks Blake! I have added Illinois Wisconsin Fishing to my blog roll.

  3. Great site. I too love to fish. Live in Libertyville

  4. Great story about your first tackle box. makes me want to make one for my 5 1/2 year old son. Maybe for Christmas.

    Congrats on your upcoming bloggaversary. You're an active member of the fishing blogging community and it hasn't gone unnoticed.

    Keep up the good work. And good luck with your job search.


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