Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Scruffy is always ready to go fishing.

Our four legged companion is named Scruffy, a three year old Jack Russell Terrier who has every bit the energy of most 3 year old children. He is a great friend, and always at my side. Sometimes too much at my side. As I am writing this he is dropping his football at my feet, calling for a play action pass.

Scruffy loves to go fishing as you can see from this photo but sometimes he doesn't even make it out of the garage before he is in the boat. A hunting dog he is not, unless you count the birds, squirrels and rabbits that frequent his back yard. Crying at the patio door he has to let each of them know who is in charge and chases them out of his territory. Hope you enjoyed this photo of our little JRT!


  1. That's great. Take the dog fishing already. He's waiting!

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  2. Now that is the garage of a fisherman. It looks like scruffy is ready to go right now and I'll bet he's a fun friend to have around. Nice shot.

  3. Thanks for the comments Ryan, and Scott. Scruffy is the best companion. We are looking forward to many good fishing seasons ahead!

  4. Thats a good dog, poised and ready. I'd say there is no way you're getting out of the driveway with the boat without taking Scruffy ~
    Thank you for sharing him with us!

  5. Scruffy is great! I love jack russels. My father-in-law has 3 and they are amazingly agile. Great pic of Scruffy!



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